Tropical Storm Isaac

tropical storm isaac hurricane nhc 8am update august 22 2012 610x487 Tropical Storm Isaac

The August 22nd 8am update for Tropical Storm Isaac issued by the National Hurricane Center.

If you haven’t been following the activity in the Atlantic at all this year, now is the time. We’re approaching the peak of the season which means the tropics will be very active for the next month. As of right now, there are three systems worth watching but the main focus is on Tropical Storm Issac. Isaac became a named storm yesterday morning and is anticipated to strengthen into a hurricane sometime tomorrow. This storm will be a major threat to the Greater Antilles which is the Caribbean island group consisting of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba.

If you look closely at the forecasted path in the image above you’ll see that as Isaac strengthens into a hurricane he will be barely brushing by Puerto Rico and  then moving onto the island of Hispanola and Cuba where the storm is projected to make multiple landfalls. But before that he will be crossing through the Lesser Antilles where there are Tropical Storm and Hurricane watches being issued. The storm will eventually make a turn to the North and Florida looks to be the next target. Either way Isaac is going to cause some damage and everyone near the projected path should start to prepare.

Unfortunately, Isaac is choosing to be storm that causes mostly destruction and not waves. If he had been a few clicks North of where he currently is the islands of the Greater Antilles would be in less of a threat and Florida, along with most of the East Coast, would be preparing for a decent run of swell. Instead, Puerto Rico is under hurricane watch and last night the Governor of Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency for the island.

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If you’re in Isaac’s path please be prepared and stay safe!




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