Tropical Storm Alberto Brings Waves To East Coast


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Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1. However, an early system manifested into the first tropical storm of the season bringing waves up and down the east coast from South Carolina to New Hampshire.

According to, Tropical Storm Alberto is currently spinning about 95 miles southeast of Savannah, Ga., and 110 miles south of Charleston, S.C. It has no chance of building into a bigger storm and the highest wind gusts from 45 -60 mph.

There are some clean waist high sets today on Long Island, but the better waves are scheduled to arrive Tuesday.

The swell chart for our area on Tuesday looks pretty good with waves in the 3-5 ft range for Long Island.

After a dull winter with insufficient swell, I’m sure you all are chomping on the bit for hurricane season. But the annual hurricane predictions from Colorado State University and the National Hurricane Center came out and the summer is looking pretty grim. They predicted only 10 named storms this season, meaning roughly six mild hurricanes or storms and two major hurricanes.

Here’s to hoping we get some decent swell from a few of the storms. Take a look at a still from the swell chart for this Tuesday and check out Magic Seaweed for a full report.

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