Tropical Storm Sean

tropical storm sean satellite1 610x457 Tropical Storm Sean

Satellite image of Tropical Storm Sean on November 8th, 2011 at 2pm.

Just because it’s November it doesn’t mean that Hurricane Season is over. Although activity during this time of year is rare there are still 22 days before the season ends. Last week we saw a pretty heavy nor’easter roll through the area which is usual for this time of year.  The storm did quite a lot of damage in the Northeast but it also brought some real good waves. This week we’ve got the 18th named storm of the season, Tropical Storm Sean, making his way up the Atlantic.

Sean is on the weaker side, only packing winds of 45mph and it doesn’t look like he’ll get much stronger but he will be sending some waves our way over the next couple of days.

Screen shot 2011 11 08 at 12.51.40 PM1 Tropical Storm Sean forecast for Long Island.

The good thing about Sean is that he should stay over water and not make landfall. He might clip Bermuda as he turns East later in the week but it shouldn’t bring more than some wind and moderate rain to the area.

tropical storm sean forecast nhc 610x488 Tropical Storm Sean

National Hurricane Center's projected forecast for Tropical Storm Sean.

For more on Tropical Storm Sean be sure to visit the National Hurricane Center’s website and Weather Underground’s Tropical page.



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