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Massive Shipstern Bluff

Posted on November 3rd, 2011 by

This wave is insane and the guys who charge it are even more insane. It’s cold. It’s heavy. It’s mean. And, it’s unpredictable. This video from October 26th does a real good job of capturing all these things and showing us how gnarly it really is.

Filmed and Edited by Dave Otto.

0:31 – Caleb Mclean
0:45 – Danny Griffith
0:56 – James Hollmer Cross
1:08 – Marti Paradisis
1:21 – Danny Griffiths
1:35 – Sandy Ryan
1:44 – Sandy Ryan
1:56 – Caleb Mclean
2:08 – Sandy Ryan
2:16 – Danny Griffiths
2:29 – Marti Paradisis



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