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…Lost Flashback

Posted on September 7th, 2010 by

The guys over at …Lost have been and always will be experimenting will different boards all the time. Their latest creation is called the “Flashback” and they got Kolohe Andino to give it a test run out at San Clemente recently.

From the description on youtube:

Board dimensions are 5’6″ x 19.25 x 2.25

Matt Biolos - The “Flashback” is another experiment in crossbreeding ideas and concepts from the past with modern knowledge and refinements. I started out knowing I wanted a really really wide tail… like 17″, and built the board from there. Did some Google images work and was reminded of McCoy’s “Butt tails”. The board is so wide it’s like crossing a Swallow’s bite with a round tail’s roll in and out of turns and control.
The nose outline ghosts a Rocket’s, but with a thicker foil and “beak”. Low Low Low rocker with a bit of roll in nose to flat with a perimeter belly just inside the rail line through center and splitting into a dbl concave vee just in front of the fins. Amazing in flat faced waves and high tide fatness.



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