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Lime Juice and The Sea

Posted on April 28th, 2010 by

In the last video we posted from Allan Wilson, we saw Fergal Smith in a full suit, gloves and boots charging large cold water slabs in Ireland. This time around they are in the beautiful warm waters of Tahiti surfing Teahupoo. It looks like making gnarly drops with the extra weight of a full winter suit has prepared them well for the drops at Teahupoo; I’m sure Fergal wishes he had that extra 6 millimeters of “skin” when he slammed into the reef. More so, when his buddy Tom Lowe has to rub a few halved limes in the open wounds. The underwater behind-the-wave footage caught by Wilson is simply amazing and the track by Passion Pit fits perfectly with this video.

This might be one of my favorite surf clips on the internet right now. Enjoy.

Source: Morning in the Moonlight



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