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You Look Swell Official Trailer

Posted on May 10th, 2011 by

Back in November we posted a first look at a new surf flick called You Look Swell, here’s the official trailer. New York filmmaker Rick Starick and New Jersey apparel company After Eleven have been hard at work putting this movie together and I can’t wait for it to drop in July.

The film will feature After Eleven team riders, Connor Willem, Ben Raimo, Danny Mears, Royce Webber, Peter George and Will Sweeney, as well as our good friend and Jetty team rider, Randy Townsend, and Matuse riders, Pat Millin, Zach Plopper, Chris Del Moro, Luke Rife, and Keoni Jones. Footage from New Jersey, New York, California, Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, Puerto Rico.

We’ll keep you updated on any premieres that might hit the area but until then enjoy the trailer.



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