Innersection Winter Round Top 10


innersection top 10 winter round Innersection Winter Round Top 10
I’m a little late on this but Innersection is back for 2011 and the first round of entries has been submitted and voted on and we’re down to the top 10. Like all the previous rounds, picking and ordering my top 10 took some time but I’m all locked in and I’m going to share it with you below.

At the beginning of the round, I was real stoked to see that Jamie O’Brien and Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican had submitted parts. Two very different clips from each guy but they are both equally awesome and I went back and forth choosing who I think should be ahead of the other. It was the ordering of those two clips that took me the longest to set on the entire list. Gorkin reps the East Coast and stayed true by showing that you can still shred and have a quality entry even if the waves aren’t perfect. JOB on the other hand had nothing short of perfection when it came to waves in his vid. No offense to Jamie but it’s a bit easier to film that level of waves when you’ve got a cushy bankroll from Red Bull and Bodyglove sponsorships. For that I wanted to give Gorkin the top spot but in the end I went with Jamie O’Brien because I love barrels and JOB’s clip was full of them.

Neither of those guys got the top spot though, they were fighting for 2 and 3. My top spot goes to Albee Layer. The 19-year-old from Maui and good friend of the 2010 Innersection winner, Matt Meola, entered Innersection last year but didn’t have much success. This time he’s back and his clip is on fire. First off, him and his filmer Elliot Leboe chose a Slipknot song as their track and second Albee absolutely rips. I would have like to seen a few more barrels but the way the kid boosts and goes hard on every wave definitely solidified his spot as numero uno on my list.

Below is what the rest of my Top 10 looks like. If you haven’t already, go check out all the sections on and vote for your Top 10. The final 5 will be announced on May 16th.


innersection top 10 winter round Innersection Winter Round Top 10



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