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swarmon social buying for surfers SwarmOn Surf Deal Website
The newest craze in internet shopping has been social buying websites like Groupon and Living Social. These sites usually offer deals for restaurants and services in your local area, but come Friday morning there will be a site like this with deals just for the surf industry. SwarmOn was created for surfers by surfers. Backed by Santa Cruz locals Robert “Wignut” Weaver and Kim McCready, the first deal launches tomorrow morning.

This is such a great idea and I can’t wait to see some of the deals SwarmOn will offer. I’ve been a long time fan of sites like WhiskeyMilitia.com and have become a fan of Groupon.com, so a site dedicated to discounted surf products will be great. If you’re unsure how SwarmOn.com works, read the “How it works” section. I had a chance to chat with co-founder Kim McCready on the phone the other day and she is super excited to be able to not only offer deals to surfers like you and me but also to give smaller companies the chance to get their products out there to the masses. You can expect to see deals on everything from t-shirts to surf movies to surfboards to entire surf trips.

Signing up to SwarmOn is free and you’re not obligated to buy anything so there really isn’t any reason not to. You can sign up at SwarmOn.com.

Below is the official press release.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.—March 2, 2011—SwarmOn Inc. (swarmon.com) today announced SwarmOn Surf, a new, daily deal web site that brings the Internet phenomenon of social buying to the surf industry for the first time. SwarmOn Surf uses the power of group purchasing to offer deals on surf-related products—equipment, trips, magazine subscriptions, videos, clothing, and more—to surfers and fans of surf culture around the world.

The concept is simple: swarms of surfers come together online to buy deeply-discounted products offered by mainstream and niche surf brands. The deal ‘tips’ when enough people sign up for each limited-time offer. SwarmOn Surf was created for surfers by surfers—the team includes co-founder and Santa Cruz surfing icon, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, one of the stars of Bruce Brown’s film Endless Summer II.

No Spa Services, No Dentistry, No Dance Classes—Just Surf
Daily deal sites provide a great opportunity to try goods and services for a discount, but many sites have offerings that are too broad. Consumers may be offered a restaurant deal one day, a waxing appointment the next day, and a cooking class after that, resulting in email in-boxes full of irrelevant deals. SwarmOn Surf solves this problem for anyone interested in the surf lifestyle by focusing only on surf-related products and services, providing a targeted audience for retailers and manufacturers and a compelling, desirable experience for surfers and surf fans.

SwarmOn deals will be aimed at all levels of surfers, along with consumers who simply enjoy the surf culture. A portion of proceeds generated by SwarmOn Surf will benefit ocean-related charities around the world.

Targeted Platform Benefits Companies & Consumers
SwarmOn Surf provides a low-cost, high-volume and dedicated sales channel to manufacturers and retailers in the surf industry. Large, popular surf brands will be featured on the site as well as smaller, niche and hard-to-find brands, who often struggle for wide distribution in surf shops or other retailers.

“The surf industry and culture is booming around the globe, but until now there hasn’t been an effective way for retailers and manufacturers of all sizes to reach that growing audience. Our goal is to change that,” said SwarmOn co-founder, Kim McCready. “SwarmOn enables companies to offer a discounted product for a limited time to garner a burst of sales and acquire new customers in places where they might otherwise not have a presence. This also gives people around the world a chance to get surf gear they may have read about but is not available in their local shops.”

The SwarmOn platform allows companies to avoid traditional distribution, marketing and advertising costs for products, services or occasional promotions, enabling vendors to pass the savings on to customers. SwarmOn acts as an additional marketing channel for companies who want to send offers and brand information to large, targeted groups of people who have proactively signed up for daily emails about surf-related products.

Individuals can sign up now for SwarmOn Surf and get a preview of the launch offers. There is no charge to sign up. Subscribers will be notified when the deals go live (late March) and be the first to take advantage of SwarmOn’s opening discounts, including:

  • A week at the official Roxy/Quiksilver surf camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for $660 instead of $1389
  • 40 percent off a limited number of Santa Cruz Surfboards’ versatile “Pumpkin Seed” model—an ideal board for all conditions, from small, gutless surf to high-speed tube riding
  • 50 percent off videos—for only $10 receive $20 worth of surf movies from theSURFnetwork.com, home to the largest and most extensive collection of premium surf video content on the Internet.
  • 60 percent off any pair of sunglasses from pleasureground.com

SwarmOn subscribers also receive a discount coupon for additional purchases from the same company when they buy a deal on the site.

“I don’t think there’s another industry or sport that can benefit more from group buying,” said SwarmOn co-founder Wingnut. “Surfers are incredibly passionate about their sport, their environment, and their surfing community, so the viral nature of group buying combined with SwarmOn’s focused approach will be hugely effective for both businesses and surfers.”

The company plans to launch daily deals in other active sports later in 2011.



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