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prosurfersontwitter Pro Surfers on Twitter
Twitter is blowing up everywhere and it seems right that a lot of the pros are jumping on and tweeting their every move. You will probably be surprised about how many of these guys are posting updates.  Some update more then others like Parko, Fanning, and the Hobgoods and they’ll tweet everything from contest updates to pictures and reports on the sessions at home. So what we here at the BANG did was compile a list of all the pro surfers currently on twitter. Go check our list!

Kekoa Bacalso – @kekoabacalso
Adrian Buchan – @acebuchan
Taj Burrow – @TajBurrowAus
Nathaniel Curran –@Nathanielcurran
Timmy Curran – @timmycurran
Ben Dunn – @dunny86
Bede Durbidge – @BedeDurbidge83
Mick Fanning – @Mick_Fanning
CJ & Damien Hobgood – @hobgoods
Josh Kerr – @kerr_azy1
Rob Machado – @Rob_Machado
Bobby Martinez – @Bobby805
Dayyan Neve – @dayyoof
Jamie O’Brien – @whoisjob
Kay Otton – @Ottz79
Freddy Patacchia – @FreddyP808
Joel Parkinson – @joelparko
Kieren Perrow – @kierenperrow
Dave Rostovich – @daverastovich
Kelly Slater – @kellyslater
Jordy Smith – @Jordstyle
Adriano de Souza – @MineirinhoSurf

If you don’t want to follow each one of these dudes individually, we’ve set up a list on our twitter account that follows all of them that you can easily follow: @thesurfbang/pro-surfers

If you think we missed someone or want us to add a surfer to our list, let us know in the comments below.



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