Kelly Slater Wave Company Preview


kelly slater wave company surfing wave pool 1 610x375 Kelly Slater Wave Company Preview

Surfers know exactly what tropical paradise looks like just from traveling to the most exotic locations. The Kelly Slater Wave Company aims to bring that to the masses. The company recently launched its website, revealing the ideas and innovative engineering behind the first ever circular wave pool designed for an endless surfing experience.

Slater’s company is creating a park with perfect endless barrels all the way around. From the looks of it, it’s going to put Wadi Adventure to shame. The wave is created by using hydrofoil generators, not air or water pumps. That means the waves are more consistent, dependable and easily adjusted. The pool is able to create the perfect wave at any size without wearing down the system.

As the website said, the Kelly Slater Wave Company has something for everyone. “For the first time ever, a best-in-class surf destination with guaranteed waves, popular amenities and unique entertainment for everyone to enjoy,” the website said. “Centered around an island created just for you is a place of leisure and escape to reconnect with family, friends and yourself. This one-of-a-kind destination celebrates the best of beach culture and the surf lifestyle and delivers an unparalleled wave riding experience tailored to each guest. As surfer, spectator, or beach goer, you choose your experience.”

While it seems like a really amazing idea and I would probably love surf there, I have to wonder how great it’s really going to be. How crowded is that pool going to be? And how big is it really going to be? Will it be a free for all like a regular line up or will there be a wait period? And is it a really good idea to get more people involved in surfing? There are already 47 million surfers in the world today. Do we really want to expose our sport land-locked kooks who have never been in the ocean? All of these questions keep running through my head and I’m anxious to see what is really going to happen when this park opens.

kelly slater wave company surfing wave pool 610x236 Kelly Slater Wave Company Preview

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