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Vote for Dylan Graves in Surf Movie Contest

March 8th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  This might be one of the coolest ideas for a website since SURFBANG launched. The idea is simple: make a surf movie from a collection of different filmmakers. will be holding 4 different contests throughout the year. Each contest has a week long submission phase, where surfers/filmers can submit their 2-3 minute clip. Then comes the voting phase. For one week the users of the site can vote on each video on a 1-10 scale. At the end of the voting phase, the top 10 videos get displayed and the users rank them from favorite to least favorite. This will happen 4 times this year and at the end, the top 5 rated videos will be used to put together a full feature surf movie. The full details and rules can be found on the Innersection website. Today started the first round of voting on clips and there are already some excellent edits to vote on. Of the 17 sections they have up, a lot of the clips are of upcoming guys like Nat Young, Matt Wilkinson, and Nate Yeomans. But watch out because guys like Taylor Knox, Owen Wright, and Sterling Spencer have sections too. One section that I am super psyched to see is from, fellow East Coaster and Puerto Rico native, Dylan Graves. Dylan absolutely rips and he is the only dude on there from the East Coast right now. You can watch and vote for his section here. Watch the rest of the clips and vote for your favorites on Innersection’s website. More »


ASP launches “ASPtogo” iPhone App

February 24th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Well, it seems like everyone is jumping on the iPhone app wagon. First it was the Vans Triple Crown app and just this week we posted about Quiksilver’s Live App. Now the ASP has their own, called ASPtogo, and it is damn good. It has all the goods, from event listings for the year to up to date ratings for both the men and the women. For each event, you can see the surf condition, live scores, heat results, video highlights and contest photos. I’ve been playing with it all morning and it is pretty awesome. I highly recommend it for any one who likes to keep updated on contests and can’t be in front of a computer 24/7. Pricing info and pics of the app in action are below. More »


Quiksilver Pro iPhone App

February 22nd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The iPhone has serioulsy blown up over the past couple years and there have been a handful of surfing related apps showing up in the app store. Last year, for the Vans Triple Crown, they released an app that let you check heat scores and results, watch heat recaps, and even watch the contes live over wifi. The app was awesome and even at $0.99, it was well worth the dollar to have the contest right on my phone. Well, this year Quiksilver is doing it up the same with their “Quiksilver Live” app. Just in time for the Quiksilver Pro, which is the first contest of the year. It offers pretty much the same stuff as the app from Vans: Live feed of the contest, scores and results, contest news, and heat recap videos. The best part about Quiksilver’s app? It’s free! Get it in the app store here. (link opens in iTunes) More »


Red Bull Project Air

February 16th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  For the first time ever, the Red Bull surf team has built a skateboard aerial training facility specifically for surfers. They’ve set up shop in Lennox Head,  NSW, Australia for a two week aerial camp for a handful of pros including: Mick Fanning, Jordy Smith, Shane Beschen, Michel Bourez, Sally Fitzgibbons, Julian Wilson, and Sofia Mulanovich. The concept behind the project is to let the surfers expand their tricks by experimenting and trying different techniques in an controlled environment out of the water. The “surf bowl” is built to fit surf style moves with different right and left ramps called “breaking points”, that send the surfers into a foam pit. Along with the ramps and foam pits, there are a number of aerial skateboard coaches there to guide them with their different styles and different tweaks on their approach on tricks. This allows the surfers to perfect old tricks and attempt new ones, that in the water would normally take months or even years to accomplish. “I’m psyched, the future of surfing is definitely going to be more about fully, functional aerials and functional air combinations” said Jordy. Red Bull has really made an impact in all action sports these past few years and it is awesome to see them thinking out of the box for ways to keep progressing surfing as a sport. You can keep up with the project on Red Bull’s blog, where they have been posting daily updates. SURFBANG has video of the first skate session of the project, watch it here. More »

Gear, Technology, Wetsuits

The DryGuy Boot & Glove Dryer

February 1st, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Are you sick and tired over having to deal with your boots and gloves never getting fully dry and having an horrible stank to them? The DryGuy Boot & Glove Dryer solves your problems by fully drying your equipment before they have any time to build up odors. One of the worse things with wetsuits/boots/gloves, is putting them on when they are wet and smelling funky. No more worrying about if your boots and gloves will be fully dry for your next session, just grab the DryGuy Boot & Glove Dryer. You can get it on the DryGuy website for $89.99. More »

Gear, Technology, Wetsuits

The HangAir

January 3rd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The HangAir seems like it’s a dope product. There is nothing worse than having to put on a wet-cold wetsuit in the winter, let alone in general. Basically it is an over-sized plastic hanger with a built-in motorized fan that forces air throughout the suit in a faster time than it would take by just drip-drying the suit. Underwater Kinetics says during experiments and reviews that the HangAir speeds up the drying process by 70 percent. The HangAir will completely dry any suits from a 3/2 to a full hooded 5/4 overnight. You can purchase one of these for $49.99, click here. More »

Web Sites

Pro Surfers on Twitter

February 19th, 2009 by John Zanussi

  Twitter is blowing up everywhere and it seems right that a lot of the pros are jumping on and tweeting their every move. You will probably be surprised about how many of these guys are posting updates.  Some update more then others like Parko, Fanning, and the Hobgoods and they’ll tweet everything from contest updates to pictures and reports on the sessions at home. So what we here at the BANG did was compile a list of all the pro surfers currently on twitter. Go check our list! More »

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