Surfr App // A New Social Media Tool For Surfers


If anyone remembers the short-lived Swellster social network from the early 2000s, you’ll be happy to know that a similar, but way improved, social media tool for surfers is about to be unleashed. And it’s the first of its kind!

Surfr, developed by award winning design company Pixil Agency , is a new app for iPhone that logs surfing experiences. It displays your mobile uploads, spot check-ins and swell info in one easily navigatable package. Unfortunately, its release is currently halted due to funding hardships and it needs help to be completed.

This app isn’t just a Facebook for surfers, if that was your concern. It’s more like Surfline combined with Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare. Pretty rad, right? Surfr app gives you the ability to check swells and connect with friends. You can upload photos from your best sessions and check-in to those spots, unless of course it’s a secret. The iPhone app even notifies you when a swell is on the way. Oh, and fret not if you’re one of those unlucky souls with an Andriod-powered smartphone. Surfr also comes in a website desktop version.

Creator Nick Mohnacky of West Palm Beach, Fla. said he noticed an absolute need for an app that could help him recall his surfing adventures. “The idea for Surfr came about when some friends and I were reflecting on some sessions from the past,” he said. “We realized it’s difficult to remember the details of our times in the water, like what date the swell came in, who we surfed with and what the conditions were.”

Here are the ways Surfr documents your surfing shenanigans:

  • Notifies you when swell hits
  • Encourages you to check-in to different breaks
  • Lets you upload photos from your session
  • Provides swell info and saves it to your timeline, including air/water temp, wave height and swell direction and  wind speed/direction
  • Allows you to tag who you surfed with
  • Easily searches for conditions or photos from other breaks
  • Share any of your Surfr adventures on Facebook, Twitter

“It’s important that we come together as a surfing community, and enthusiasts in general, so that we can bring this app to a beach near you,” Mohnacky said.

To help, donate to the Surfr app Kickstarter page and provide your e-mail here to be notified when the app launches. Surfr needs $50k to launch for the iPhone. If it raises up to $100k, it will also launch for Android!

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