Hacked / 35k Passwords Leaked


If you follow any bit of tech news you’ve probably heard of websites recently being hacked and then thousands of username and passwords being leaked on the internet. It’s happened to sites like LinkedIn,, and even Yahoo. Usually these things stay within tech news and don’t warrant us posting about it. However, last week I read that had been hacked and 35,000 emails and passwords had been leaked and that certainly qualifies for a post on this site.

anonymous hacks billabong com email password leak 300x225 Hacked / 35k Passwords Leaked As a web developer I can go into some detail of what happened to these sites but I’ll spare you the nerd talk. Basically, when you enter your personal information on any website on the internet you are trusting that the people who built these sites did everything they could to correctly secure and protect your info. When these people don’t do those things, hackers find the vulnerabilities and are able to access any and all information.

If you want to learn about exactly what Billabong did and didn’t do to protect your information you can read this article on

Just because Billabong is a surf company and not a huge name in the technology world, it doesn’t mean they’re safe from hackers. In this case, it was the popular hacker group, Anonymous who took full credit for the Billabong leak.

At this point all the leaked username’s and passwords are available for everyone to see at I highly highly recommend viewing that link and searching for your email address. If you’re on that list and your password is visible please make sure to go and update any other service or website that uses that same email/password combo.





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