Kelly Slater Wave Company


kelly slater wave company artificial wave Kelly Slater Wave Company
Looks like Kelly Slater has been up to something else other than surfing the world’s best waves and winning world titles the past 5 years. The 10x world champ is on a mission to create a perfect artificial wave with his new “Kelly Slater Wave Company”. This is pretty exciting stuff because if someone like Slater is behind this, it’s got a good chance of making it’s way into production and becoming a real day one day. The current details of the project are somewhat limited to the video below but it seems as though this project is legit. If this artificial wave does eventually become a real thing imagine the shift in the progression of surfing. Being able to surf the same exact wave over and over again will without a doubt bring an insane amount of change to the skill level of any surfer.

Until we find out more about this project, watch the videos below and check up on every now and again.



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