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Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Wrap Up & Photos

March 4th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Well, the first contest of the year is over and done with and we have a new number one surfer in the rankings. His name, Taj Burrow, and with this win, it makes three in a row for the 13 year veteran. Taj took down the last contest of the 2009 season, at the Pipeline Masters and more recently won the 4-Star WQS Breaka Burleigh Pro, just over a week ago. The way he’s been surfing is just insane and it’s going to be interesting to see how long he can hold that number one spot for. The rest of the contest saw some real sick heats and a few unlikely upsets during the middle rounds. Most of last year’s top 10 were out by the time the quarters rolled around. Damien Hobgood, Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater all lost their Rond 4 heats. CJ was out in Round 3 with a loss to Daniel Ross, and in the quarters, Adriano went down against Taj, and Parko lost to Dane. Along with the top guys out, all the Snapper Rock local’s were out too, and Parko wasn’t too happy about it. After his loss, Parko said, “It’s a bit of a bummer because the local boys have had kind of a strangle hold on the event at Snapper and to lose that is a little bit depressing I guess but next year for sure we’ll be back,”. One of the most amazing heats I’ve seen in a while was that quarter final heat between Parko and Dane Reynolds. Both guys stepped up their level of surfing and were laying down some serious maneuvers. Parko had two high 8’s but he just couldn’t catch up to Dane who’s top two scoring waves were a 9.27 and 9.93. Dane went on to face Jody in the semis, but couldn’t find his grove throughout the heat and let Jordy take the win. While we’re at it, let’s give it up to Jordy Smith. The guy is really starting to figure out how to compete and it is obviously paying off for him. I love seeing the younger guys fight their way through the contest and get good results. Jordy took down some big names, including the one and only, nine times world champ, Kelly Slater, in Round 4 and then knocked off Bede Durbidge in the quarters. It really looked like he was going to take down Taj in the finals, as he had a couple good scores and Taj had only 1 low scoring wave for a while, but Taj picked off a couple nicer set waves and ran away with the heat. If you missed any of the contest, you can watch all the heats on demand on the contest’s website and we will be posting highlights in the videos section. The next contest of the year is the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Australia and the waiting period starts on March 30th. For the complete list of this year’s contests click here and make sure to keep up on SURFBANG for more updates. More »

Quater Final at the Quiksilver Pro

March 4th, 2010 by John Zanussi

Snapper Rocks provided good conditions for an epic Quarter Final Round. The heat of the day was hands down Joel vs Dane, which Dane went absolutely insane. Check out the event’s site here for LIVE coverage, pictures, videos, and updates. More »

Round Two at the Quiksilver Pro

March 3rd, 2010 by John Zanussi

The rainy conditions didn’t stop these guys from blowing up at Snapper. Still some fun size waves out there for the guys to light up the ocean for the fans to be entertained. Round Two highlights; Dean Morrsion, Andy Irons, and more. Check out the event’s site here for LIVE coverage, pictures, videos, and updates. More »

Round One at the Quiksilver Pro

February 28th, 2010 by John Zanussi

Snapper Rocks was giving these pros a chance to show what they do best. Round one was exciting and is just setting up for whats to come in the rest of the event and the year. Its good to see all the guys out there again for the first heat of the 2010 season. Check out the event’s site here for LIVE coverage, pictures, videos, and updates. More »


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