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2010 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Highlights

March 10th, 2010 by John Zanussi

Here are some final highlights from the first contest of the year. It was quite the contest and if you missed it, check out our wrap up of the contest here. More »

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Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Wrap Up & Photos

March 4th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Well, the first contest of the year is over and done with and we have a new number one surfer in the rankings. His name, Taj Burrow, and with this win, it makes three in a row for the 13 year veteran. Taj took down the last contest of the 2009 season, at the Pipeline Masters and more recently won the 4-Star WQS Breaka Burleigh Pro, just over a week ago. The way he’s been surfing is just insane and it’s going to be interesting to see how long he can hold that number one spot for. The rest of the contest saw some real sick heats and a few unlikely upsets during the middle rounds. Most of last year’s top 10 were out by the time the quarters rolled around. Damien Hobgood, Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater all lost their Rond 4 heats. CJ was out in Round 3 with a loss to Daniel Ross, and in the quarters, Adriano went down against Taj, and Parko lost to Dane. Along with the top guys out, all the Snapper Rock local’s were out too, and Parko wasn’t too happy about it. After his loss, Parko said, “It’s a bit of a bummer because the local boys have had kind of a strangle hold on the event at Snapper and to lose that is a little bit depressing I guess but next year for sure we’ll be back,”. One of the most amazing heats I’ve seen in a while was that quarter final heat between Parko and Dane Reynolds. Both guys stepped up their level of surfing and were laying down some serious maneuvers. Parko had two high 8’s but he just couldn’t catch up to Dane who’s top two scoring waves were a 9.27 and 9.93. Dane went on to face Jody in the semis, but couldn’t find his grove throughout the heat and let Jordy take the win. While we’re at it, let’s give it up to Jordy Smith. The guy is really starting to figure out how to compete and it is obviously paying off for him. I love seeing the younger guys fight their way through the contest and get good results. Jordy took down some big names, including the one and only, nine times world champ, Kelly Slater, in Round 4 and then knocked off Bede Durbidge in the quarters. It really looked like he was going to take down Taj in the finals, as he had a couple good scores and Taj had only 1 low scoring wave for a while, but Taj picked off a couple nicer set waves and ran away with the heat. If you missed any of the contest, you can watch all the heats on demand on the contest’s website and we will be posting highlights in the videos section. The next contest of the year is the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Australia and the waiting period starts on March 30th. For the complete list of this year’s contests click here and make sure to keep up on SURFBANG for more updates. More »


ASP launches “ASPtogo” iPhone App

February 24th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Well, it seems like everyone is jumping on the iPhone app wagon. First it was the Vans Triple Crown app and just this week we posted about Quiksilver’s Live App. Now the ASP has their own, called ASPtogo, and it is damn good. It has all the goods, from event listings for the year to up to date ratings for both the men and the women. For each event, you can see the surf condition, live scores, heat results, video highlights and contest photos. I’ve been playing with it all morning and it is pretty awesome. I highly recommend it for any one who likes to keep updated on contests and can’t be in front of a computer 24/7. Pricing info and pics of the app in action are below. More »


Head Judge of the ASP World Tour Perry Hatchett is Fired

February 3rd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The ASP made a decision today not to renew head judge, Perry Hatchett’s, contract. Perry became the head judge in 1997 when Renato Hickel stepped away to become part of tour management. Over the years, Hatchett has made some controversial calls during key moments in WCT events. Who could forget the final at J-Bay in 2005 when Slater needed a 9.23 to beat Andy Irons with 35 seconds left and got a marginal wave that was scores a 9.5 resulting in a win? Or how about in 2008 when Slater beat Taj at the Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles in the finals? There was a lot of noise roaming around and a lot of people were saying Taj got robbed. With less then a month until the first WCT event of the year, the ASP has selected Richie Porta, the head judge of the Women’s Tour to be the interim judge until they find someone else. We’ll see how the beginning of the year pans out without and official head judge and it will be interesting to see who the ASP appoints the new job. More »

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Rip Curl Pro Search 2010 is heading to the Caribbean

February 1st, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Two years ago was it was Bali and last year it was Portugal. The 2010 Rip Curl Pro Search will be held ‘Somewhere in the Caribbean’ and we won’t know the official location until the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach in April. This announcement does put away a lot of the rumors that were flying around about this year’s location but now a whole new set of rumors starts: Where in the caribbean? The Search event’s waiting period does not start until October 30th and the Caribbean can be hit or miss that time of the year as far as swell. The Atlantic Hurricane season is coming to a close and it is still a little early for the east coast nor’easters to start pumping. I’m going to come right out and say that Puerto Rico has to be the favorite here. Giving its surfing history, ability to hold large contests and of course the excellent swells it receives, I don’t see how they would choose anywhere else. Maybe Barbados? Let’s here what you guys think in the comments…. UPDATE: The location for the Rip Curl Pro Search 2010 has been announced, click the link to find out where in the Caribbean it will be held! More »

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Vans Triple Crown Announces Record $1,000,000 Prize

November 11th, 2009 by John Zanussi

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is making history this year, by announcing the Triple Crown total prize purse will be  total of $1,000,000. This makes it the largest prize amount ever on the ASP World Tour. This prestigious Hawaiian series of events has more than 150 surfers from 17 different nations battling it out with a chance to win all that cash. The first event kicks off tomorrow, November 12, at Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. The Vise President of Marketing at Vans, Doug Palladini, said “2009 has been an incredible year for pro surfing and this Hawaii showdown will be a fitting finale. Vans has a 43-year history of giving back to action sports and I can think of no better way to carry on that tradition than with the Triple Threat bonus purse. On behalf of all the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing staff, our event partners Billabong, Reef, O’Neill, Gidget and the ASP, we are proud to share our aloha with the talented surfers who have made the Vans Triple Crown what it is today.” Here are the extra bonus winnings for the contenders: $50,000 for the Men’s Triple Crown series champion. $50,000 for the Billabong Pipeline Masters winner. $50,000 for the ASP World Tour champion. $25,000 for the Women’s Triple Crown champion. The world tour will end this year like it does every year, at Pipeline. The race is tight and it’s going to come down to Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning in a battle for first place. The title race has not ended at Pipeline since 2006, which was between Kelly Slater and Andy Irons, where Kelly went on to win and take down his 8th world title. Slater was last year’s world champ and also last year’s Pipeline champ. The events of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing: Reef Hawaiian Pro (Men) – Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park, Nov, 12-23 Vans Hawaiian Pro (Women) – Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park, Nov, 17-23 Gidget Pro Sunset Beach (Women) – Sunset Beach, Nov. 24-Dec. 6 ONeill World Cup of Surfing (Men) – Sunset Beach, Nov. 24-Dec. 6 Billabong Pro Maui (Women) – Honolua Bay, Maui, Dec. 8-20 Billabong Pipeline Masters (Men) – Banzai Pipeline, Dec. 8-20 Catch the series live at Hawaii residents will be able to watch the events right in their own homes on the Oceanic Time Warner Cable airing each day of competition live on channel 250. The Billabong Pipeline Masters also will air live on national television on Fuel TV. More »


Mick Fanning Wins the Rip Curl Pro Search 2009 in Portugal

October 29th, 2009 by John Zanussi

  Fanning wins his second Rip Curl Search (1st in 2005) against Bede Durbidge. The contest location in Portugal is known for it’s hollow long barrels called Supertubos, similar to Pipeline. Round 3 and the Quarter-finals had the best waves of the event with the large swell. The Semi-finals and Finals had a drop in swell but good enough to see the top three guys battle it out until to the end. In the Semi-finals was Joel vs Bede and Mick vs Owen (wild-card and up and coming star to the ASP Tour next year). Bede won with a 14.60 over Joel’s 13.27 and Mick automatically advanced to the Final by Owen perforating his eardrum in the Quarter-finals against Damien.  Mick won the heat and the contest with a 12.67 over Bede’s 9.87. With this win, Mick is sitting in a pretty good spot for his second world title going into the last event at Pipeline. Joel is still and the only one left in the title race with Mick but needing a 3rd or better at Pipe depending on what Mick does to win. If Mick gets a 2nd or 1st, he clinches the world title. Here are the facts… – Fanning finishes 33rd through a 9th at Pipeline, Parkinson needs a 3rd or better to overtake. – Fanning finishes 5th at Pipeline, Parkinson needs a 2nd or better to overtake. – Fanning finishes 3rd at Pipeline, Parkinson needs win the event to overtake. – Fanning finishes 2nd or better at Pipeline, he will clinch the 2009 ASP World Title. Fanning said. “I’m super pumped. I’m going to go home and relax for a couple of weeks and get ready for Pipe. Hopefully we get some big barrels like we did here and we have a real showdown.” “In a few days when all the dust settles I’ll look back and see that I have come off the ankle injury and a few bad results, so just to get a third and back into form is a huge confidence boost,” Parkinson said. “There is not a great deal of points between me and Mick coming into Pipe so it’s still anybody’s to win.” This is going to be an exciting finish to the ASP World Tour 2009 at the Billabong Pipeline Masters Dec. 8th-20th, to see who will be crown Champion. Check out some pictures from the event at Portugal. More »

Rip Curl Pro Search 2009 – Round 1 & 2 Highlights

October 24th, 2009 by John Zanussi

The Rip Curl Pro Search 2009 is being held in Portugal this year. The guys seem to be lucking out at this stop because the waves have been way better in Portugal then they were anywhere else while in Europe. Here are some good highlights of the first two rounds of competition.  The contest is set to run again tomorrow morning, and you should be watching it because the world title race is still damn close. More »


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