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Surf Bling: Tara Wolf Chakra Jewelry

September 21st, 2012 by Samantha Rupert

Surfers are naturally expressive people and fashion is undoubtedly an extension of their creativity. Tara Wolf Jewelry in Australia seeks to embody the style of each person by offering a wide range of unique pieces from various brands to fit any wardrobe. Tara Wolf’s most notable collection is its exclusive line of Chakra and Zodiac inspired jewelry, a favorite among female surfers. More »


Slip Wetsuits On Swiftly With “The Slippy”

March 1st, 2012 by Samantha Rupert

It’s March. It’s still cold. The water is teetering on a limb-numbing 44 degrees. And while waves generally shift up the coast this time of year, this winter brought us only a few worthwhile swells. What’s even more discouraging is the need for wetsuits. The mere thought of pulling on that thick layer of neoprene, “super-stretch” or not, still annoys me. It clips minutes off my time in the water. The last thing I want to do is waste time fighting with my wetsuit before I plunge into the icy water. More »

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Nixon Lodown

August 11th, 2009 by John Zanussi

Nixon never ceases to amaze all of us with their watches and the new Lodown is no different. This thing not only look fly but it is fully loaded with all the features you need while sitting in the lineup. More »


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