Albee Layer Innersection Winner


What would you do if Taylor Steele came walking up your driveway with a huge $100,000 check and an 18-pack of Corona? I’d probably react somewhat similar to how Albee Layer did up above–plenty of champagne, screaming and smiles. Yewww!

After narrowing down the submissions for a year, Innersection TV‘s 2012 free surfing video winner is Maui’s 20-year-old Albee Layer. Layer is the second local from Maui to win the contest. Last year, Matt Meola took home the check.

And it was well-deserved. Layer’s section was brilliantly constructed with a blazing intro to match his fierce tube rides and high flying aerials. Most of the footage was shot by his home in Hawaii, with a few clips from Fiji.

It’s just straight surf porn for about 3 minutes. That’s what it is. Just watching Layer effortlessly drop into wind-swept monsters at Jaws, one of the most difficult waves to surf, is a feast for your eyes. It’s probably the only edge Layer held over Jamie O’Brien’s predicted balls-to-the-wall runner-up section.

Congratulations Albee Layer!

Watch the full video of Albee Layer’s Innersection submission below and Jamie O’Brien’s 2nd place section right after it.



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