Shark Attack on Reunion Island


reunion island shark attack Shark Attack on Reunion Island
About 2 weeks ago, we posted the 2010 International Shark Attack Report and absent from the list was the country of France. Looks like they will be making the list for 2011 as a surfer was attacked by a shark this past Saturday while surfing off the coast of Reunion Island.

According to reports from, a 32 year old male was surfing at Three Rocks, which is located on the West Coast of Reunion Island when, at around 6pm he was attacked by a shark and had half his leg torn off at the knee.

Tézier Remy, a witness to the attack said that the victim was “unlucky,” and went on to say, “The water was clear, the waves were beautiful. Sharks are unpredictable and can attack anywhere. No shark attack had ever occurred in this area before.”

Since 1972, there have been 30 recorded shark attacks on Reunion, 17 of them being fatal. The last attack occurred in March 2010, with the victim getting away with only scratches.

Be careful out there people!



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