Body Glove Signs Jamie O’Brien


jamie obrien signs contract body glove 1024x682 Body Glove Signs Jamie OBrien
Yesterday, the self proclaimed punk of surfing, Jamie O’Brien, signed a 3 year contract with Body Glove. This is great news for Jamie since he hasn’t had an apparel and wetsuit sponsor since he was on Rusty more then a year ago.Red Bull has been his main sponsor since then and they’ve done more then supportive of Mr. O’Brien. Many said it would be hard for Jamie to lock up sponsors in the surf industry because he’s not a “team player”, but when you’re one of the top free surfers in the world and you’re pumping out movies like Who is J.O.B.?, how could companies not want you to rep their brand?

Here is the statement that was on Body Glove’s blog:

We are excited to announce that professional surfer, Jamie O’Brien, has signed a 3 year contract with Body Glove for apparel and wetsuits. Jamie is hailed as one of the best surfers in the world, a Pipeline Master Champion and has recently showcased his talent in what many consider to be one of the best surf movies ever made, Who Is J.O.B.? Billy Meistrell, owner and VP of Body Glove said, “We’re all stoked to sign Jamie O’Brien and add him to our team. It is great to have a full package rider that we believe will sync well with our brand. We feel he embodies our love for the ocean and will really fit well into our family here.”



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