Rip Curl Seven Ghosts Surf Movie


rip curl seven ghosts indo river wave 3 Rip Curl Seven Ghosts Surf Movie
Back at the beginning of this month, Rip Curl released a video that seemed like it was too good to be true and for a moment I thought it might have been some kind of April Fool’s joke. Lines of perfect waves stacked 20 deep caused by a tidal bore in a river somewhere in Indonesia.

Well it’s true and yesterday Rip Curl dropped a couple more videos showing a handful of guys, including Tom Curren, scored some of the best and longest waves of their lives. I would have like to seen more actual footage of the waves and the surfing but I guess when you’re chasing a tidal bore up a river in the middle of nowhere Indonesia, getting the shot can be pretty tough. Below are the videos and some photos from Rip Curl. For more on the trip, check out



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