Rob Machado’s The Drifter Tour


DHump9798 Rob Machados The Drifter Tour
If you haven’t herd about Machado’s new movie yet you are seriously slacking. This movie has been super hyped up and it should. I got to see an early screening of The Drifter last month at the New York Surf Film Festival and it was the real deal. You need to go check this movie out and lucky for you they are premiering it on the west coast and east coast. The dates and details along with some dope pics are in the post.SAN DIEGO @ La Paloma Theater 11/4/09

LOS ANGELES @ Montalban Theater 11/5/09

FLORIDA @ Venue TBA 11/7/09

NORTH CAROLINA @ Blockade Runner Beach Resort 11/9/09

VIRGINIA BEACH @ Contemporary Art Center of Virginia 11/11/09

NEW YORK @ Venue TBA 11/13/09

SANTA BARBARA @ Victoria Hall Theater 11/15/09

SAN FRANCISCO @ Victoria Theater 11/16/09

SANTA CRUZ @ Del Mar Theater 11/17/09

SAN LUIS OBISPO @ Fremont Theater 11/18/09

LAGUNA BEACH @ South Coast Theater 11/19/09

More details on these shows and where to pick up tickets on The Drifter’s website.



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