SurfsUp New Hampshire // Nation’s Largest Standing Wave Machine


Surfs Up New Hampshire American Wave Machines Surf Stream 610x322 SurfsUp New Hampshire // Nations Largest Standing Wave Machine

SkyVenture, New Hampshire’s famed air tunnel complex, announced plans to open a new indoor wave machine this spring. Currently being constructed next to SkyVenture in Nashua, N.H., SurfsUp New Hampshire will be the nation’s largest standing wave stream machine.

SurfStream, the wave machine constructed by leading wave technology company American Wave Machines Inc., is set to open in April at the earliest. American Wave Machines CEO Bob McFarland said SurfStream produces a 5-foot wave with a 32-foot face to carve and even get barreled. Because of it’s gel-coated fiberglass system, SurfStream can be adapted to build any kind of wave. From beginner baby waves to overhead barrels, the wave machine is capable of producing different size and different shape waves.

For people in the Northeast who don’t want to put on a thick wetsuit and brave the icy cold water, SurfsUp New Hampshire provides an oasis of indoor surfing with the air and water temperature around 80 degrees. And because it’s in the same complex as SkyVenture, visitors can surf and then fly in the wind tunnel for another fun experience.

Bob Greer, the owner of SkyVenture, said the park will be a great asset to the Northeast. “We can already teach anyone to fly, now we can teach anyone to surf,” he said in an article. “SurfStream is a tremendous value proposition with broad appeal. That’s what convinced us to invest, and that’s essential for our bottom line.”

SurfStream will be totally operational in April at the earliest. Check out the video to see what SurfsUp New Hampshire is all about and get an early look at the SurfStream wave machine.

It looks pretty cool, but it’s still just another attempt at bringing surfing to the landlocked masses. It will probably breed kooks and give people some false confidence about their surfing skills but, I also think its going to be a great place to get away from the cold without having to take a plane. It can also be a really good way to train during the winter months. What do you guys think about this new indoor wave park? Leave it in the comments.



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