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Zoo York Spring 2011 Lookbook

March 16th, 2011 by John Zanussi

As the start of Spring becomes closer and closer, more companies are releasing their looks for the upcoming season. This is what Zoo York has in store for the ladies and I must say I like. More »

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Sam Hammer Barrel Sequence

November 23rd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  New Jersey: land of the rights. Sam Hammer: ruler of New Jersey waves. You put those two together, along with a solid mid Fall swell, and you get what you’re looking at above. More »

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Rip Curl Pro: Luke Munro Layback (14 Photo Sequence)

November 1st, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Competition was in full force yesterday when all of the round 2 heats went down at Middles here in Puerto Rico. Heat number 4 saw Luke Munro and Chris Davidson going head to head for a spot in the 3rd round. The heat was pretty close and the two Australian’s battled it out to the end. More »

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Rip Curl Pro: Day 1 Photos

October 31st, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Day 1 of the Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico was yesterday but I didn’t have enough time to get a post up so a day a day late will have to do. In fact I probably won’t have a post from today until tomorrow. Whatever, right? You just want to see some photos! More »

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Rip Curl Pro: Bede Durbidge Barrel (15 Photo Sequence)

October 30th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico kicked off this morning with all of the Men’s first round heats running at Playa Middles. The winner of heat number 7 was, Puerto Rico first-timer, Bede Durbidge. With only 0.56 points separating first place and third place, the heat was jam packed with excellent surfing from Bede, Dusty Payne, and Freddy Patacchia. Halfway through the heat, Dusty tucked himself into a deep barrel and came out the doggy-door after everyone thought he wiped out, but Bede answered right back with this amazing wave.  More »

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New Jersey Sunrises

October 15th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  I’ve been holding off on posting this until we got a ugly rainy day here in NY and yesterday was exactly that. Enjoy this amazing collection of photos of the sun rising over the ocean in New Jersey. More »

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Hurricane Igor New York

September 22nd, 2010 by John Zanussi

  Hurricane season is in full swing in the Atlantic. The last storm to send waves our way was the mighty Hurricane Igor.  At one point, Igor was a very strong Category 4 storm packing winds of up to 155mph. He was also a very large storm covering close to 1000 miles from top to bottom. Thanks to Igor’s track, he sent Long Island and most of the east coast a couple days of really good waves. Luckily for us, Evan Conway of Red Dawn Productions was out there getting some pretty epic shots of the swell. More »

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Hurricane Earl New Jersey

September 9th, 2010 by John Zanussi

Late last week and last weekend most of the East Coast went off thanks to the swell sent by our bud Hurricane Earl. Conditions on Friday were as good as I think they can possibly get here on Long Island. I spent all day surfing in Long Beach and had some of my by best waves in a long time here at home. New Jersey was no different and Scott Miller aka JerseyShoreTog got a lot of good photos.  More »

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August Water Shots

August 20th, 2010 by John Zanussi

We are well into August and outside of Tropical Storm Colin, the east coast hasn’t seen much in terms of tropical storm swell, more importantly hurricane swell. There have been a handful of days that have offered some fun waves but nothing to get all worked up about. While we sit waiting for something to develop in the tropics that will send some juice our way, here are some water shots to hold you over. More »

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2010 Billabong Pro J-Bay Results & Photos: Day 1

July 15th, 2010 by John Zanussi

  The first day of the 2010 Billabong Pro at J-Bay is in the books. The weather was beautiful and the waves were pumping which lead to some real exciting heats this morning in South Africa. We’ve got all the round 1 results along with the round 2 match ups along with a full set of photos after the jump. More »

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July Swell Water Shots

July 13th, 2010 by John Zanussi

New York and most of the Northeast saw a pretty fun run of waves this past weekend. I was in the water all day Saturday and it was one of those perfect summertime surfing days. The crowds were thin, water is warm enough to trunk it, there was a decent size swell in the water and by late day the winds had gone offshore. Long Island summer swell at it’s best. Meanwhile further east on the island, our friend Evan Conway from Red Dawn Productions was out in his backyard enjoying the waves and capturing the waves with his camera. He was nice enough to send over a handful of shots which we have in the gallery. More »


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