Tuesday Tunes (April 3rd, 2012)


On a daily basis I listen to a lot of music. Driving, walking, working, commuting, whatever it is, my headphones are usually on and I’m jammin’ to something. Up until yesterday, this site has lacked posts on music and we’re setting out to change that. Yesterday we posted some rad songs from recent surf movies and today I’m stating a new weekly post called Tuesday Tunes. Tuesday Tunes will be a handful of my favorite songs that have made their way through my ears in the past week.

I like to think I listen to a wide range of music and I think you’ll see that as these posts evolve.. Now I don’t expect for everyone to enjoy the same tunes I do, but maybe I’ll post something you’ve never heard of and you’ll enjoy it enough to start listening. Or maybe these posts will push someone to recommend their favorite song/band/artist/DJ/whatever to me and I pick up something new. Either way it’ll be fun.

Here’s my favorites from the past week with a little bit of funny at the end.

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

The Kills - Heart Is a Beating Drum

Big Youth – Natty Dread She Want

Santigold – Disparate Youth

The White Stripes – Blue Orchid

Nico Vega – Wooden Dolls

36dukn Tuesday Tunes (April 3rd, 2012)



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