Long Beach Surfing Access Schedule for Summer 2012

long beach new york jetties boardwalk surfline 610x338 Long Beach Surfing Access Schedule for Summer 2012

Long Beach from above during the Quiksilver Pro New York. Photo: Surfline/Cuddy

Thanks to a gigantic effort by the Long Beach Surfer’s Association headed up by Billy Kufferman access to surfing beaches in Long Beach this summer has changed for the better. Last night the official summer surfing beaches schedule was announced and it’s a huge upgrade from past years. It’s fair to both regular beachgoers and surfers and as long as people respect the rules, surfing access in Long Beach should no longer be an issue.

Here is the official schedule along with a brief summary from Billy Kufferman.

Azores Surf: All Day Everyday
Roosevelt: M-F (9-12); Weekends/Holidays (9-11)
Lincoln: All Day Everyday
Rotating Beach by week between Magnolia and Lindell: All Day Everyday
Magnolia: M-F (9-12); Weekends/Holidays (9-11)*
Laurelton: M-F (9-12); Weekends/Holidays (9-11)
Lindell: M-F (9-12); Weekends/Holidays (9-11)
Rotating Beach by week between NY and Ohio (excluding Wyoming): All Day Everyday

1. There will be 4 full time surfing beaches (Azores Surf, Lincoln, Rotating beach between Magnolia and Lindell, Rotating beach between NY and Ohio). This is great! The central part and west end of town now have full time surfing beaches 7 days a week!

2. The city originally proposed to us making Laurelton a full time surfing beach for the central part of town. As per some of the feedback they received, they decided instead to go with the central rotating beach. We were ok with this as it still provides a full time/ 7 day a week surfing beach in that area of town.

3. There will be 4 morning surfing beaches (Roosevelt, Magnolia, Laurelton, and Lindell). 9-12 during the week and 9-11 on the weekends and holidays. It gets slightly complicated here… Whenever the full time central rotating beach is on Lafayette, Magnolia will go back to being a swimming beach. This is to avoid 3 surfing beaches in a row from 9-12 (Magnolia, Laurelton, Lafayette). It only happens 3 times during the summer and still leaves a lot of morning space.

4. All surfing beaches will be marked by yellow flags.

5. Surfing is allowed on any beach at the discretion of the lifeguards when no one is in the water.

6. Skudin Surf Camp will be operating on Long Beach Road.

Once again, this is a huge success for the city of Long Beach and it’s surfing community and I want to express my thanks not only to Billy and the entire LBSA but also to the people in office for understanding the situation and giving the surfers a fair chance at beach access.



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