Sally Stories: Red Bull Launches Sally Fitzgibbons Web Series


Sally Fitzgibbonsat the Wadi Adventure Wave Pool in Dubai 3 610x406 Sally Stories: Red Bull Launches Sally Fitzgibbons Web Series

It seems like everyone’s getting a piece of Wadi Adventure Wave Pool in Dubai these days, and Sally Fitzgibbons is no exception. The Australian surfer recently launched a five-part web series with her sponsor, Red Bull. The series, “Sally Stories,” chronicles her journey from her loss in Huntington Beach at the US Open to her adventure in the United Arab Emirates.

Sally’s mission in UAE was just like many others’: polish her aerial technique. With a consistently perfect wave at your disposal, aerial technique can be fine-tuned in no time.

According to an official Red Bull press release, Sally realized she needed to work on her aerial game after the big loss at the US Open. Lakey Peterson, surfing’s female aerial wonder, went on to win the US Open title, no doubt due to her aerial prowess.

In the newest Webisode, which aired on Dec. 5, Sally arrives in Dubai with the intention of nailing her first ever air reverse, but has to survive the desert heat first. With temperatures near 120 degrees Fahrenheit, any kind of physical activity can seem daunting. But Sally paddles out and tries to take lessons from the men.

“Part of this drive is being able to land those progressive maneuvers,” Sally said in the video. “Like watching all the men surf throughout their events and free surfing and they’re flying over my head with big air reverses. These things just excite me, so we’re trying to create that constant surface, then hopefully those progressive maneuvers become more natural.”

Watch Sally’s Webisode No. 3 below and tune in on Dec. 12 to see how much progress she made.



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