10 Questions with Jordy Smith


Jordy Smith recently sat down with his sponsor O’Neill Clothing and answered 10 questions about what he’s been up to, his new surf flick, and some of his plans for the near future.

What you been up to lately?

I’ve been training a little bit and just surfing a lot. Just getting really good waves at home and remembering last year a little bit and changing a few things for this year. I’m just starting really early and making those changes happen.

Were you satisfied with how your movie (Bending Colors) turned out?

Yeah I was! The movie was super sick I was pumped on it! In the movie dreams came true for me. Surfing with Tom Curran was something I never thought would happen and going to a reunion with Julian is something I am going to remember . I’m defiantly satisfied with it for sure! It’s one where I look back and say wow I’m happy I did that!

Any goals for the new year?

World Title for sure! I’m just going head down, and giving it everything.

Are you the hardest working man in surfing?

No, I am probably not the hardest working, but I’ll be up there for the guy that has the most fun that’s for sure. That’s when I enjoy surfing the most. This year I’m going to put more work into it.

How was your 6 weeks on the North Shore?

It was pretty cool. We stayed at the house at Logs and hung out for a little while. Myself, Lyndall and the Kerr family all stayed. It was pretty mellow but I injured my heel the second day I arrived. I couldn’t really surf to much which really sucked. At Sunset the waves were really good. I could have won the event it was silly for me to injure my heel.

Trunks or wetsuit?

Living here in Cape Town when the waves are good you have to wear gloves and booties so it’s a bit of a ying yang. Then again you could go to Indo in trunks… that’s the ultimate.

Tell us something about your new trunks?

Well they are the most comfortable I have ever worn that’s for sure. They are really easy to spot in the line up and they look good. They are super quick to dry. I could take them off and chuck them into the sun and in 10 minutes their dry.

Red or White wine?

In the summer time defiantly a white wine but at night red.

Does redbull give you wings?

That’s for you to find out.

What’s next for Jordy Smith?

Were going to head out again to get some really good barrels and after that we will go from there.

Source: oneillclothing.com



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