Skullcandy is Going Public


skullcandy rocnation aviator headphones review photos 7 1024x682 Skullcandy is Going Public
The popular headphone company Skullcandy, has filed with the SEC last week to raise $125 for an IPO in hopes of being a publicly traded company. Skullcandy has been making some serious moves in the headphone game over the past year and this next step shows that the company is taking it to the next level.

Starting as a small startup company in Park City, Utah, Skullcandy is now the second largest headphone maker in the United States that sponsors big name athletes and musicians. In the last year alone, sales grew by 36% and are around $140 million for 2010. If Skullcandy keeps releasing quality affordable headphones while still collaborating with companyie like RocNation and offering more expensive products like the Aviators, they will have a good chance of being a very profitable company.

If you’re into investing money in the stock market, Skullcandy will be traded on NASDAQ under the symbol SKUL so keep an eye out once it goes public. You can also read the entire filing form that was submitted to the SEC here.




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