Vans Waffle Sole iPhone Case Giveaway


I was lucky enough to get my hands on the rare Van’s Waffle Sole iPhone case a few months ago. I used it for a couple of days but opted to switch back to the case I’d been using for a while. Instead of letting this case sit around unused or selling on eBay for at least 150 dollars, I’m going to give it away, for free! Want to win? Details below.

If you own an iPhone you should be familiar with the app Instagram. Plenty of people are using it and we’ve been posting photos from it for a while. If you don’t use the app, you should go and download it because that is how you’re going to enter the giveaway.

Entering the giveaway is simple. Take awesome photos with Instagram and tag them with #surfbang. There’s no criteria for what the photo has to be of, it just has to be really cool and tagged with #surfbang (Please only tag original photos that were taken by you). Also, make sure you follow @surfbang.

At the end of March we’ll choose our favorite photo and that will be the winner. The winner and some of our other favorite entries will be included in an Instagram Stoke post.

Take awesome photos. Tag them with #surfbang. Win an awesome case for your iPhone. I’ll also throw in some stickers and a SURFBANG t-shirt for the winner and maybe for some of the runners-up too.

Start taking photos and good luck!

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