UPDATE: Van’s iPhone Case Giveaway


If you don’t already know, we’re giving away the super-rare sought-after Van’s Waffle Sole iPhone case. The quick scoop is that to win all you have to do is take awesome photos with Instagram and tag them with #surfbang. The full details can be read here. This post serves as an update to the contest, as a lot of people have been asking.

Since the launch of the contest, over 400 photos have been added and tagged with #surfbang on Instagram. You can see all the photos online at statigr.am/tag/surfbang. The initial plan was to stretch the entry period to the end of March but given the large amount of photos we’re going to end it and announce the winner next week. So you still have some time to enter but a winner will be chosen sometime next week.

Thanks to everyone who entered, I’m really pumped to look at all the photos you guys submitted.

vans iphone case waffle sole surfbang giveaway promo 11 610x610 UPDATE: Vans iPhone Case Giveaway



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