Wilko’s Wacky Wetsuits


matt wilkinson wilko funky weird surfing wetsuits 610x291 Wilkos Wacky Wetsuits

A few days before the Rip Curl Pro Bells the picture below of Matt Wilkinson in a new wetsuit surfaced and it got me thinking of all the other suits he’s worn recently.

I’m not exactly sure who started this trend but I do remember Rob Machado wearing something crazy at the 2010 US Open of Surfing. Wilko has definitely taken it to the next level of wetsuit design and it doesn’t look like he’s got any plans to stop.

Here are some of the wetsuit’s he’s competed in over the past year or so. What’s next for Wilko?

matt wilkinson wetsuit riddler question marks batman australia Wilkos Wacky Wetsuits

Wilko’s latest wetsuit for the Rip Curl Pro Bells takes after a Batman villan, the Riddler.

matt wilkinson wetsuit tie dye flower power san francisco Wilkos Wacky Wetsuits

In San Francisco it was all about flower power and tie-dye.

matt wilkinson wetsuit dollar bill money new york Wilkos Wacky Wetsuits

At the Quiksilver Pro New York it was all about dollar dollar bill ya’ll.

matt wilkinson wetsuit leopard skin jbay Wilkos Wacky Wetsuits

Leopard print was an interesting choice for J-Bay.

matt wilkinson wetsuit leopard fish sardines portugal Wilkos Wacky Wetsuits

In Portugal, Wilkinson swam with the fishes.

matt wilkinson wetsuit boobs france full Wilkos Wacky Wetsuits

His choice for France was boobs.




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