Xcel’s Infiniti Drylock Boots


Xcel DrylockSplitToe 3mm5mm Xcels Infiniti Drylock Boots
The new Xcel Infiniti Drylock Boots look amazing. Like most boots, they have top velcro straps to keep the water out from getting into the boot. Xcel has created the “Thermobamboo” system that creates a seal without having top velcro straps that keeps the water out. The slip-toe is for no leash hangups, the velcro across the instep helps with a heel and toe support for a snug fit. With the cut-out sole system, it lets you have maximum flexibility. Xcel is also nominated in the “Accessory Product of the Year” category for the Infiniti Drylock boot. They come in a 3mm and 5mm and two different colors (black/gum and black/grey). The 3mm are $59.95 and the 5mm are $62.50, click here to grab a pair.



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