Rip Curl E3 Wetsuit Demo Tour


e3 1 Rip Curl E3 Wetsuit Demo Tour
E3 is the new kind of neoprene that Rip Curl is using in their bomb wetsuits. Supposedly it is way lighter, warmer, and more flexible then any neoprene they’ve used before. They are touring around with their crew and a few surfers like Tom Curren and Alex Smith to let ya’ll test out the new rubber. So if you are in California this week and want to check out the suits, the dates and locations are below.

Friday Oct. 23, 8 to 12 pm: Southside HB Pier
Saturday Oct. 24, 8 to 12 pm: Ponto Beach, Carlsbad
Sunday Oct. 25, 9 to 12 pm: Pismo Pier, Pismo Beach
Monday Oct. 26, 2 to 6 pm: Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz
Tuesday Oct. 27, 8 to 12 pm: Ocean Beach, San Francisco



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