Freestyle Killer Shark Watch Giveaway


freestyle killer shark watch color 610x807 Freestyle Killer Shark Watch Giveaway
The fine folk at Freestyle who brought you the SURFBANG Durbo Watch Giveaway are at it again, and they’re giving away another one of their radical watches. This time around it’s their new Killer Shark watch. The contest is called “Where in the world is this wave” and it has been going on all day on their Facebook page.

All you have to do is identify the city, state, and country of where the wave in the picture below is located. Seems simple enough right? Wrong! I’ve been trying to figure it out all damn day and so have a handful of other people. Even with a few hints straight from Freestyle, no one has been able to identify this spot.

freestyle killer shark watch giveaway1 610x393 Freestyle Killer Shark Watch Giveaway

If you think you know or you do know where the hell in the world this secret little left point break is, head over to this page on Freestyle’s Facebook page and let them know in the comments. You have until Monday until they check again for the right answer.

Until then enjoy this video and a few pictures of the new Freestyle Killer Shark Watch below.




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