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The guys over at Anarchy Eyewear were nice enough to send me some of their newest sunglasses to review. Anarchy is an East Coast company and they have sent me shades a few times before to check out, review, and giveaway to all of you. For the last couple weeks I’ve been wearing a pair of sunglasses from the new Color Hits Series and I’ve got a full review and some photos for your viewing pleasure.

A little disclaimer before I dig into the details. Anarchy Eyewear is not paying me to post these reviews. They may have sent me some free shades but my opinions about these sunglasses are honest and in no way persuaded by Anarchy in any way.


The frames of the Indie’s feel sturdy and durable but still have some flex to them. The hinges are built real well and aren’t flimsy at all. Most importantly, they don’t feel heavy. In fact, when I first picked them up I was surprised with how light they actually were.


The model of the Indie I’ve been wearing have polarized lenses. As far as I’m concerned I don’t see myself every buying another pair of sunglasses without polarized lenses. It really makes a huge different when cutting down on glare. For clarity and crispness, every time I look through the lenses of any Anarchy sunglasses, it feels like I’m seeing in hi-def.

When owning any type of eyewear, the number one concern is scratching the lenses. Well outside of taking a sharp object to the actual lens, the Indie glasses I’ve been wearing have been put through the test and still not one scratch. From dropping them on the ground to accidentally throwing them in the sand at the beach or letting them knock around in my backpack for a while, they’re still scratchless. Now I’m not saying these things are scratch proof but I’ve been impressed with them so far.

One issue I did find with the lenses on the Indie is that they are somewhat hard to keep clean. This has only happened with these sunglasses and not other Anarchy models. A simple wipe from my t-shirt sometimes just doesn’t do the trick. It takes a rinse in the sink and a careful wiping with a cloth to get them spotless. Not a big deal but it’s somewhat annoying sometimes.


The style of the Indie sunglasses have somewhat of an aviator look to them. The frames are a bit larger than your average sunglasses so they can definitely stand out a bit more. I don’t know how I feel about the gap under the bridge in between lenses but it’s certainly not a deal breaker. The one thing I do really like about the Inde’s style is the two-tone paint job. The front of the frames are black and the inner side of them are white or red, which is what makes them a part of the Color Hits Series.

When it comes down to it, the Indie sunglasses, like everything from Anarchy, are built well and feel sturdy when they’re in your hands or on your head. They aren’t heavy and they fit me well. One thing I look for in sunglasses these days is polarized lenses


The Indie model come in eight different color styles with varying lens colors and the option to go polarized or not. I happen to have been sent the two newest color options with either the black and white or black and red frames. Depending on what style you get and if you go polarized or not will determine the price you’ll pay.


The Indie model comes in a two different price points. Ready for this one? $45 and $65. $65 for the newer Color Hits Series model with the polarized lenses and $45 for the other options. For the quality that you’re getting in these sunglasses, it’s really hard to beat those prices.


When it comes to sunglasses, I’ve always shelled out a little more cash than usual to buy myself quality eyewear. Some of my friends drop 10 bucks and get a pair of sunglasses, if you can even call them that, at the local gas station. That’s just not how I roll. I’m into owning a pair of quality sunglasses with good lenses that will last me a while so spending more than $100 for a single pair isn’t out of the ordinary.

Having said that, one of the most attractive things about almost all of Anarchy’s products is that they are all moderately priced. You can be a great pair of sunglasses in the $45-$65 range. If you’re into the style and colors of the Indie, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t snatch up a pair. If you’re not into the Indie, Anarchy has a bunch of other styles and options to choose from.

For more info on the Anarchy Indie sunglasses you can click here and if you want to see what else Anarchy has to offer you can visit their entire online store right here.



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