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penny skateboards australia1 610x230 Penny Skateboards

For one reason or another I’ve been drooling over Penny Skateboards for a few months now. If you’re not familiar with Penny Skateboards I recommend checking them out. Based out of Australia, Penny pumps out really rad plastic mini-skateboards. You can choose from one of their many complete packages or customize a board for yourself.

For a while Penny was only shipping to Australia but they’ve recently opened up their online store to the United States which means I may be buying a Penny board pretty soon. Penny uses a secret plastic formula to construct their decks which come in two size options, 22″ and 27″. From there the customization options are endless everything from the color of the nuts and bolts to a different color for each wheel.

Making your own board is super fun with Penny’s customizer tool. Below are two boards I made with the tool for SURFBANG and our sister site Sneakhype.

Penny Skateboard SURFBANG Edition
penny skateboards surfbang edition 610x379 Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboard Sneakhype Edition
penny skateboard sneakhype edition 610x379 Penny Skateboards

In addition to skateboards Penny also has a full lineup of accessories, t-shirts, and other assorted gear.

Here’s a vid that gives a glimpse into how Penny got started.

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