Recycled bamboo surfboard


P6140645 1024x766 Recycled bamboo surfboard
If you’re into the retro do-it-yourself style boards then this masterpiece is for you. This is the second custom board Tom Murphy has built himself and apparently he’s learned it all from reading up on the Tree to Sea forums. He came upon some old bamboo floorboards from an office building and took it from there. Taking up a total of 8 months, Tom spent a lot of time doing things right by reading other peoples experiences and asking for advice on the the forums. After it all it looks like he ended up with a sick looking homemade board. More info and pics on the board after the jump.

The dimensions of the bamboo stick are: 6’2″x 20 3/8″ x 2 3/8″ with a weight of 15lbs.

You can follow Tom’s progress from start to finish here.



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