Surfboard Tracking System


IMG 2647 Surfboard Tracking System
I’ve never had any of my boards stolen but I do know of people who have gotten their sticks robbed right from their front lawn. This actually happens a lot, but there is somewhat of a solution brewing out there. A company called SBT has created a way to store all sorts of info electronically in your surfboard. A very small microchip is placed in the foam of a board before it is glassed that will hold information about the shaper, the type of blank, dimensions, fin system, the date the board was made on, etc. The board can then be registered on SBT’s website as your own… kind of like those chips they place in pets these days. You can’t track your board GPS style but it’s better than nothing.

Check out SBT’s website for more information on how to get hooked up.



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