Reef Surf Tent Concept


surf tent reef life style design 1 610x328 Reef Surf Tent Concept
This tent is only a concept but damn, is it cool. If they do ever get around to mass producing them, I’m going to be all over it. For whatever reason, Reef went and hired design firm, LifeStyleDesign to create a concept for a portable beach tent perfect for surfers. From the looks of the images, they’ve done exactly that. More info on the tent and some pics after the jump.

The tent has two parts: the inflatable sleep pod and the adjustable canopy—both of which pack snugly into what doubles as an ice chest. The two parts can be used together or separately and in either case provide a comfortable sleeping den and a shaded lounge area.

The inflatable sleep pod eliminates the difficulty of traditional tent assembly in low light or tight space conditions. Inflated with a foot pump, the air is stored in sectioned compartments to maintain function in the case of puncture. The waterproof skin is coupled with ample ventilation to prevent condensation and excessive heat.

The canopy is anchored by containers filled with either rocks, sand or water and the connection ropes cinch down the shelter from its highest position to its lowest to protect from sun, rain and wind, respectively. Mesh siding on the canopy provides a ventilated storage compartment for boards and wetsuits.

Like I said, this is still only a concept and only exists in the images below. Hopefully it will become an actual thing one day.




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