Globe “The Surfrider” Sandal


surfrider globe sandal 3 Globe The Surfrider Sandal
Globe has teamed up with the Surfrider Foundation to release a special branded sandal for this summer. It’s real cool to see Surfrider finding unique ways to get their name out there while teaming up with some major companies in the surf industry.

A friend who has these sandals says that they are super comfortable, which sounds right when you’re talking about Globe footwear. These things also have the Surfrider logo imprinted on the bottom so that when you’re cruising along the beach, you will leave the Surfrider mark in the sand.

The sandals are as eco-friendly as you can get with materials including “Lite Leather”, (which means it has been made using low emissions and less pollution during the manufacturing process), water based PU cements, recycled PET thread, recycled EVA and recycled car tires.

You can pick up “The Surfrider” sandal for 50 bones from Globe’s online shop, here.

Oh yeah, $10.00 will be donated to Surfrider from the first 1000 pairs sold.



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