Naked Surf / Liquid Rash Guard Review


naked surf liquid rash guard review locean labs 610x406 Naked Surf / Liquid Rash Guard Review

You know the feeling of applying deodorant to an armpit rash caused by a long day of surfing and paddling? Hopefully the waves were good enough to make it worth it.

Every surfer deals with rashes. Boardshorts and wetsuit technology have come a long way in recent years but there’s no avoiding rashes and chafing. Surfers seem to have their own ways of preventing and dealing with this annoying side effect of surfing. Some just deal with it, some have their own home remedies, but recently I came across a product called Naked Surf by Locean Labs. It’s sole purpose is the prevention and treatment of surfing related rashes and chafing. In my case, it worked quite well.

Locean Labs dubs Naked Surf as a liquid rash guard and says it has been developed to prevent and relieve board rash due to skin chafing, wax irritation, and swimsuit, wetsuit, rash guard irritation. Unlike a rash guard, you won’t be applying this stuff all over your arms and chest but will be using it in the specific places that you know becomes rashed and chafed.

The first time I used Naked Surf was the day after surfing for a few hours in my 3/2 wetsuit. I had developed a small rash on the back of my neck. Before the next session I applied Naked Surf to the affected areas and although rash was still irritating throughout the time in the water it did not get any worse. Had I initially applied Naked Surf to those common areas, I probably would have been fine.

A great thing about Naked Surf is that it comes in a small bottle similar to one that would hold sunblock so you can keep it stashed away in your surf bag, ready to use at any time (and small enough that you can carry it on to a plane). It also applies to your skin like sunblock, but instead of leaving that greasy, slimy feeling to your skin, it dries quickly. It’s also been developed with a non-slip formula so you don’t have to worry about slippin’ and slidin’ all over your board. Naked Surf contains a lot of ingredients (97% are all natural) that not only do their best to prevent rashes, but also work great at relieving them. Stuff like Vitamin E is used to condition the skin and Canadian Willowherb is used to prevent infections. Inflammation decreases with the help of Terpenol and Beta Glucan. Then there’s Aloe, Babassu Seed Oil, and Menthol to relieve pain.

From the way it worked for me it seems like a lot of thought and research and development went into getting Naked Surf just right. Because of that it has found a permanent spot right at the top of my surf bag (see below). If you can’t find Naked Surf in your local shop you can buy it online over at

naked surf liquid rash guard review surf rash cream surfbang 610x406 Naked Surf / Liquid Rash Guard Review




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