Interview with Bede Durbidge

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Bede Durbidge finding a barrel during the Billabong Pro Tahiti. Photo: ©ASP/Robertson 

My favorite thing about running a surf blog is being able to interview surfers and ask them the questions we want to ask. We recently had a chat with Bede Durbidge about the US Open of Surfing, the status of the ASP, his new surf movie #NoFilter, and some other randomness. On his way over to Tahiti for the Billabong Pro, Bede was kind enough to take the time to answer our questions.

Let’s talk US Open. You were eliminated in Round 5 and it looked like you just couldn’t find a decent wave. What happened out there?
The waves were very difficult in HB this year. I had a really tough draw with Miguel, Filipe and Jordy. It was only about waist-high and onshore. Jordy and I didn’t really get going in that heat and Miguel and Fliipe were just going mad boosting off everything and anything.

Would you like to see more stops on tour be like the US Open?
I think it’s a great contest and concept to bring in the skating and music but there is no need for another one.

What was your favorite part about the US Open this year?
Probably Julian winning the final. It’s so good seeing one of your country win and its been a long time since an Aussie has won it.

#NoFilter has some really crazy footage, can you tell us a little about what Fox’s goal was with this movie and what “no filter” truly means in terms of filming?
I thought the movie was insane and Fox did a great job of putting it together. It gives an insight into some of the riders personalities and show cases how good of a team Fox have.

What separates #NoFilter from other surf movies?
You won’t see as many crazy airs in NoFilter like some of he other surf movies out there but it is definitely filled with raw and explosive surfing from massive Jaws and Cloudbreak to perfect Indo and Kirra. I love the music in it too. It amps you up like a surf movie is supposed too.

Are there any points in this film where you think we really need to pay attention?
Definitely Ian’s waves at Cloudbreak and the one wave Damo gets at Chope’s is just nuts.

The future of the ASP World Tour’s media rights is uncertain. The Internet is awash with rumors as the ASP hinted a decision would be announced during the US Open. What do you think about the entire situation?
Well I can’t say too much about the situation but I believe what ever comes of it over the next couple of months will be the right decision. Pro surfing has so much potential to grow still and being more commercial wouldn’t be a bad thing as long as the tour is structurally right with a good career path for the young kids coming through the ranks.

What about the idea of pay-per-view webcasts?
I think it should be free but have the option of a premium package at a small cost were you would get all the replays and more behind the scenes stuff.

Do you think any of the Top 34 would leave the world tour like Bobby Martinez or do you think the increase of money and fame would make them stay?
No I don’t think so. Bobby is a good friend of mine and I saw him the other day actually and he is just so happy doing his own thing now. He was just burnt out from it all. He had been traveling from an early age and just wanted a change. He expressed his opinion on some good points before he left the tour and the ASP have since changed them so everyone is pretty happy where the tour is at the moment structurally.

You’ve garnered a thirteenth in each world tour event so far this year, what are your plans for Tahiti and how will you attempt to better your rating in the last half of the tour?
It hasn’t been the greatest start to the season for me. My rating from last year made my seeding drop dramatically so all my round 3 heats have been against top 5 or top 10 guys that I haven’t been able to get past yet. I feel I’m right there with my surfing and I know I’ll get past that round soon so I’m not really putting any pressure on myself . I’m just super excited to get over to Tahiti. I love it there so much.

With the J-Bay event being downgraded this year there has been a longer than usual break in between contests. What have you been doing with the downtime?
Yeah we had a massive break which was awesome. We had the best run of waves I have nearly every seen for Autumn. I also went to Bali for a bit and California.

What did you think about the Quiksilver Pro New York event last year?
I loved going there and Quiksilver looked after us so well. We probably scored the best waves off the year too so I would love to go back.

Are there any other places where you would like to see a world tour event?
I would love to see one in Indo.

What are some of your favorite waves?
Favourite wave in Oz would be Cylinder on North Straddie where I grew up and my favourite in the world would be Cloudbreak in Fiji.

Huge thanks to Bede for answering our questions and we’ll be rooting for ya in Tahiti.



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