A Distinct Junction Between New York and California Surf Style

Distinct Junction Derek1 300x451 A Distinct Junction Between New York and California Surf Style

Derek Murphy, founder of Distinct Junction, is all smiles as he models his creations..

Concocted with the edginess of the urban surf scene in New York combined with the laid back southern California beach scene, break out online clothing retailer Distinct Junction seeks to provide quality surf and skate-style clothing to creative individuals.

Established by 26-year-old San Diego surfer and naval architect Derek Murphy in mid 2011, Distinct Junction was founded as a company where style meets art and culture. The clothing collection is inspired by the art and lifestyle of local surfers, skaters, artists and free thinkers.

“We take certain aspects of our favorite styles, art and cultural trends,” Murphy said. “We add or subtract the details necessary to make it exactly what we’re trying to get across.”

Murphy said Distinct Junction has strong roots in the surf culture.

“I don’t think people realize how much of today’s trends were originally set by the surf community,” Murphy said. “And it’s not usually done on purpose. Surfers are often culturally awake and creative individuals and people like that.”

Murphy grew up in a small coastal Long Island town and learned to surf at a young age by his father and uncles. Since his childhood, Murphy was immersed in the surf lifestyle and it was forever ingrained into his heart.

“Surfing felt natural. From the beginning, it never felt like something new. It felt familiar to me,” he said.

Murphy’s love and familiarity of the surfing lifestyle helped him to create fashionable and marketable products for Distinct Junction.

“We recognize the line between creative and tacky,” Murphy said. “Distinct Junction designs can be robust or simple, but whatever is done is done intentionally.”

Distinct Junction 8 11 166 L 300x199 A Distinct Junction Between New York and California Surf Style

Model sporting the Contender Tee.

Though he had no formal training or experience in clothing design, Murphy said his urge to start a clothing line felt just as natural as surfing. To him, that was a good enough reason as any to break into the fashion business.

Murphy went to school for engineering at SUNY Maritime in New York before moving to California in 2008 for a job designing and building naval ships. Engineering might be on the other spectrum of professions, but Murphy said his engineering background made it easier for him to develop ideas and products.

“I can easily break things down,” he said. “I can mentally categorize them then sort and process them into their simplest components.”

Distinct Junction 634 L 300x199 A Distinct Junction Between New York and California Surf Style

The woman is wearing a fun simple pink cotton tank and the guy is looking fresh in his fitted hat.

With a creative, easily identifiable logo, expect to find the Distinct Junction tags peppering surfboards, t-shirts and hats all over the west and east coast.

But what makes Distinct Junction different from the major surf clothing companies? Murphy said he does not like to align his clothing line with major companies, such as Quiksilver, Volcom or Billabong. All Distinct Junction products are made in America with quality being the biggest priority. He said too many major companies send their labor over to China and hike up the price for mediocre clothing.

“I don’t think too many companies directly relate their style to quality, but we do,” Murphy said. “Quality can make, break, or unintentionally alter the way it’s received. What we do, from the graphic to the shirt itself, is intentional. You get more than just a graphic thrown on a cheap shirt and that’s part of the style itself.”

droppedImage 1 300x302 A Distinct Junction Between New York and California Surf Style

Pick up a Royal Tee for the spring!

Distinct Junction is still a new company, but growing quickly. Murphy said he plans to open his own store in California in the near future. As for right now, customers can purchase Distinct Junction designs online on its Web store. However, Murphy said he is in the midst of talking to retailers to sell his products there.

“I’m confident this will happen because people enjoy our products,” he said, optimistically. “Sales revenues are growing and it’s all being reinvested into the future of this brand. New designs are always being developed and released.”

You can take a look at some of its styles and purchase items on it’s website DistinctJunction.com

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