Better Late Than Never: Gorkin Gets A Spot in the Quiksilver Pro New York Trials


gorkin gets spot in quiksilver pro new york trials Better Late Than Never: Gorkin Gets A Spot in the Quiksilver Pro New York Trials

It all started at the end of last month when the Quiksilver announced the surfers that would be competing in the trials for the Quiksilver Pro New York. Mixed in with a handful of international surfers were a couple of East Coast guys including, but not limited to, New Jersey and New York poster surfers Sam Hammer and Balaram Stack, respectively. Also from New York was the Trials for the Trials winner, Leif Engstrom. A few Floridians were on the list too, but to my surprise, there was one guy missing from the list who definitely deserved a spot and that was Aaron Cormican. Now, through the weird powers of social media and help from the 10x world champ, Gorkin has a spot in the trials. We caught up with him and asked him a little about how it all happened.

Alright, so you’re in! How stoked are you?
Even though I still have to do something in the trials, its like a dream seeing that tweet from Kelly saying I made it in.

Can you give us a quick run down of what happened between when the trials lineup was announced and now?

gorkin gets spot in quiksilver pro new york trials kelly slater 300x135 Better Late Than Never: Gorkin Gets A Spot in the Quiksilver Pro New York Trials

The tweet from Kelly.

I actually had a weird feeling that I wasn’t in the initial picks. I don’t know why, but just knew in my gut that Unsound wasn’t picking me. So, I facebooked and twittered Slater and Quiksilver and whoever else asking how they picked and why. It blew up for a few days and I just forgot about it. Then I was baffled when I got the “Kelly Slater follows u on Twitter” email. Shortly after, I got his tweet “you’re in the trials, now do something”.

Do you know what happened between Slater and Quiksilver that got you a spot?
I think Europe gave a spot up and then some heavies there had a meeting with Chad Wells [Quiksilver Team Manager] and he went to bat for me with Kelly’s consent.

Any clue on who you’re replacing?
Nah no clue. Not to be a dick, but I don’t care because now I’m only thinking one thing, and that’s winning the trials so I get into the main event.

Who are you most looking forward to surfing against in the trials?
I don’t know, I just want to surf.

What are your thoughts, in general, on an ASP contest being in New York?
Definitely a good move to market towards the non-surfing community and the waves could fire so it’s a good vibe.

Would you want to see one back in Florida?
Of course everybody would want to see one at their local spot but I think the waves are not what the guys on tour should be surfing. They bust their ass to get on tour and deserve quality waves. Sounds dumb, me saying that but it’s true.

Being a “late” entry, are you going to feel more pressured then the other guys to win the trials?
‘No Nerves” – Kelly Slater in Black and White

Any plans to try to get on tour in the future?

You’ve been shredding the East Coast for years, but have you done much surfing in New York?
I have been there a few times actually. For promos and one year for the Unsound, got 3rd. I think what made me stop the competing was when the boys at Unsound had a girl announcing one of my heats. I did the only air of the day in knee high surf and she rooted me for it, said it was weak, lmao! So now it is redemption and no more Crackson Hotel.

How are you going to celebrate getting in?
By surfing my brains out in OBX with Meyers and crew. Maybe pit stop in Wrightsville for a night before that!

Are you ready to party NYC style?
Are you ready for “Gorkin Max” ???? Lmao

Thanks Gorkin for answering our questions and we’ll be pulling for you in the trials.

Good luck homie!




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