April Showers Brings…WAVES!


Chilly days of heavy winds, thunderstorms, and torrential downpours followed by a day of sunny skies and 60 degree air temps means it’s officially spring time in the Northeast. With all that squally weather usually comes some excellent waves and depending on what the wind does after the weather moves away determines where it will be going off. In the case of this past Sunday the winds were West, which to me (and most other surfers in the area) means getting in your car and driving to New Jersey where it will be offshore and most likely firing. The famous saying is that April showers bring May flowers but in our case on the East Coast it also means that April Showers brings waves!

econ manasquan new jersey april 17th April Showers Brings...WAVES! This is what most of the beaches up and down the Jersey shore looked like all day on Sunday. Photo: Econ


joseph guagliardo new jersey jaime moran april 17th April Showers Brings...WAVES! One of the many barrels Jamie Moran spent time in on Sunday. Mantoloking, NJ. Photo: Joseph Guagliardo


david walker empty right spring lake new jersey April Showers Brings...WAVES!I’m sure a ton of waves just like this one in Spring Lake, NJ went unridden on Sunday. Photo: David Walker


jerseyshoretog new jersey right tube april17th April Showers Brings...WAVES!Grinding hollow rights were to be had by all on Sunday. Photo: Scott A. Miller


nasa goes 12 satellite april 16 725pm1 April Showers Brings...WAVES!The NASA GOES satellite shows the huge area of low pressure that swept across the Northeast on Saturday and ultimately setup a real fun day of waves for the region. Photo: GOES Project


jim gray new jersey rob kelly tube April Showers Brings...WAVES! A new contract with Billabong and an amazing day of waves. Rob Kelly must be stoked! Photo: Jim Gray


econ eastern long island april 9th April Showers Brings...WAVES!The winds weren’t favorable for clean waves in New York on Sunday, but we had our own share of fun last week. Eastern Long Island. Photo: Econ


joseph guagliardo new jersey clay pollioni april 17th April Showers Brings...WAVES! All the NJ guys were out doing their thing. Here’s Clay Pollioni showing off what the lefts had to offer. Photo: Joseph Guagliardo


jerseyshoretog new jersey right tube backside april17th April Showers Brings...WAVES! It was a regular footers dream on Sunday but the goofy footed guys still got a fair share of shacks. Photo: Scott A. Miller


econ bay head new jersey april 17th April Showers Brings...WAVES! One of the many reasons they call it the Dirty Jerz. Photo: Econ


jim gray new jersey rob kelly slash April Showers Brings...WAVES! Most of the photos you’ll see show empty hollow waves or guys getting barreled. It’s nice to see Rob Kelly throwing down a slash. Photo: Jim Gray


mike calabria belmar left april 17th April Showers Brings...WAVES!Jersey is better known for it’s peeling rights but don’t think for a second the lefts aren’t just as good and just as hollow. Photo: Mike Calabria


This was our first official photo feature so I want to say thanks to all the photogs who sent me their stuff. If you’re a photographer on the East Coast and want to see your photos on SURFBANG.com, send me an email at jz [at] surfbang.com.



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