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surfbang sticker rincon puerto rico Free SURFBANG Stickers
I just got back from a very long, very awesome trip to Puerto Rico a few days ago and I’d do just about anything right now to be out of this cold New York weather and back there. While in PR, we were out grocery shopping at the Econo in town, and in the parking was a pickup truck rocking a SURFBANG sticker (above). Not sure who the person was but I thought it was really awesome and I want to get more SURFBANG stickers out there for people to stick all over. So, what I’m going to do is send 3 stickers to 15 different people for free.

I’ve got single color (above) and full color (below) stickers to give out. If you want some, do any or all of the options below.

1. Follow us on Twitter (@theSURFBANG) and tweet the following:

I want some @theSURFBANG stickers!

2. Like us on Facebook ( and put the following in a status update:

I want some @SURFBANG stickers.

(make sure that the @SURFBANG part, links to our fan page)

3. Leave a comment below saying you want some stickers.

You can do any or all of these things how every many times you want and at the end of this week I’ll randomly pick 15 people and send out some stickers.

surfbang stickers full color group1 Free SURFBANG Stickers

Good luck!



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