July Swell Water Shots


New York and most of the Northeast saw a pretty fun run of waves this past weekend. I was in the water all day Saturday and it was one of those perfect summertime surfing days. The crowds were thin, water is warm enough to trunk it, there was a decent size swell in the water and by late day the winds had gone offshore. Long Island summer swell at it’s best. Meanwhile further east on the island, our friend Evan Conway from Red Dawn Productions was out in his backyard enjoying the waves and capturing the waves with his camera. He was nice enough to send over a handful of shots which we have in the gallery.

Head to RedDawnProductions.net for more of Evan’s photos and make sure to keep up the Red Dawn blog for more up to date stuff. You can also become a fan of Red Dawn on Facebook.

RedDawnEconH20 4 July Swell Water Shots


RedDawnEconH20 2 July Swell Water Shots


RedDawnEconH20 1 July Swell Water Shots


RedDawnEcon EASTBEAST July Swell Water Shots


H20 8748 3 July Swell Water Shots


H20 8715 July Swell Water Shots



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