Castles in the Sky World Premiere


IMG 80371 610x406 Castles in the Sky World Premiere
Let me start off by saying that Tuesday night’s premiere of Castles in the Sky was amazing. Big ups to everyone at New York Surf Film Festival, Reel Sessions and VAS Entertainment for putting on such a sick event.

The first of three sold out screenings of the night was at 8pm, but an hour earlier everyone started piling into Tribeca Cinemas to enjoy complimentary drinks and hang out. The crowd was made up of a pretty random collection of people, including, of course, Taylor Steele and some of his crew, local surfers, press, and a handful of 6 foot plus model chics in heels that were called over from a local modeling agency.

The film started out with a 15 minute clip of behind the scene footage showing some of the hectic happenings that went into making Castles in the Sky. One thing that stood out was the part in India where the van they were driving was forced off the road by a large truck and sent into a ditch smashing into a tree. Without giving away too much info, apart from a few stitches and a concussion or two, the guys made it out okay. The whole 15 minute behind the scenes part will be including as an extra feature on the DVD.

The actual movie was somewhat different then other surf movies. It was more of a tale of the travels to remote places around the world with surfing parts in between. Taylor and his crew traveled to places like Iceland, Vietnam, Africa, Peru, and India. While watching, I kept feeling the same way I felt the first time I watched the classic Endless Summer. Simply put, both movies are all about exploration.  The combination of amazing surfing from the likes of Rob Machado, Dave Rastovich, Dane Reynolds and Jordy Smith and an amazing look into the local culture and lifestyle of the places they traveled to makes this film one of Steele’s best.

After the film, a Q & A was held with Taylor and his crew, of which I had the pleasure to ask him a couple of questions in front of everyone. We will have some of those questions and answers in another feature on SURFBANG in a few days.



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